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Established in 1941, Piedmont Pines is one of Oakland’s oldest, most organized and productive homeowner’s associations.  We’re strong because our residents care.  They pitch in on beautification projects, keep one another informed to protect against crime, attend emergency preparedness training and drills, and the list goes on. 

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Utility Undergrounding
Phase 1 (Ascot corridor):   completion is expected  six months ahead of schedule.  All utilities are planned to be running service underground by spring 2014.  Poles are scheduled for removal during the summer. 

Phase 2
(Chelton to Skyline corridor):   There's still a hiccup in reaching agreement between utilities, cities across the state and the California Public Utilities Commission as to who pays for inspections and permits.  In the meantime, the undergrounding team of utilities, PPNA and the city are trying to get as much done ahead of a final decision by the CPUC.  The property-by-property boundary map has been completed, and the next step is to get an engineering assessment so a "not to exceed" cost estimate can be determined.  Then, the decision to go ahead or not will be put to a vote of property owners inside the Phase 2 boundary.  There is no estimated timeframe yet for this.

Phase 3
(Castle to Skyline corridor):  Planning on this phase will not begin until construction is nearly completed on Phase 2 unless Phase 2 property owners vote not to proceed.

For more information and a detailed history of this project, click here.

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Piedmont Pines will be a scenically beautiful, diverse community dedicated to quality schools, neighborhood safety and living in harmony with our natural environment.

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Neighbors make Piedmont Pines what it is: a fabulous place to live. Neighbors are what bring our vision to life.