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Established in 1941

Piedmont Pines is one of Oakland'’s oldest, most organized voluntary neighborhood associations. We've earned praise from many city dignitaries--including Mayor Schaaf--for being one of the city's most productive associations. 

When we speak, we're listened to. Decision makers know our residents care and stay engaged. We pitch in on beautification projects, keep one another informed to protect against crime, attend emergency preparedness training and drills, and the list goes on.


Four generations of District 4 City Council members support Chabot at 2015 event:  Dick Spees, Libby Schaaf, Jean Quan and Annie Campbell Washington, two of whom rose to represent us as mayor. 

Photo by Shawn Stark

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Rocks painted by residents Frank & Sam Edie


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Our dues begin at only $25 for an entire calendar year--quite a bargain when you visit our PPNA Projects navigation button to see all your association does on behalf of making our neighborhood special, inviting, welcoming and FABULOUS.

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We will soon be introducing benefits for paid-members-only. Our dues year begins January 1, and all memberships expire on December 31. Keep your dues current so you don't miss out on important information. 


How to pay dues


1.  Online through our Member Center (see article to the right), or


2.  Mail a check to

PO Box 13292
Oakland CA 94661-3292




News Notes

Utility Undergrounding: Phase 1 (Ascot Dr) is done with the exception of two antenna poles. Phase 2 (Chelton) planning and design is under way. Learn more.

Notice something new?
In January 2015, we converted from a hodgepodge of software utilities to a single platform that integrates our email, website, finances and more. It will now be easier for us to stay in closer touch, and many things that required our help you can now do totally on your own. Stay tuned...more info and more benefits to come.

Member Center

If you don't see our new "Member Center" in the navigation buttons above next to "Home", it's because you're not signed in. The first time you sign in, you'll need to use the user name and password we emailed you in January 2015.

Forgot it? Send us an email with your name and street address and we'll send it back to you. 

The member center is where you'll find all kinds of goodies, and where you can pay your dues, change your password, update your email address and more. 

[An oddity about our new software: If you see the term "Organization," that is your street address. Sometimes you'll see it twice. Sorry, it's unfixable. Wanna know why? The software was developed for a different type of association than Piedmont Pines and certain things are unalterable. Oh, well...the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.] 

Neighbors make Piedmont Pines a great place to live.


Neighbors bring our vision to life.


Your neighborhood association brings one LOUD voice to any table where our issues need to be heard.


Click on an event for details--past, present, future.