Meet our Board of Directors



Teresa Costantinidis

President. Ascot Place.  Joined the Board in 2007.

Teresa is now in her 3rd term as PPNA President.  She brings to the Board a wealth of analytical skills, budget expertise, business acumen, leadership, organizational know-how, project management skills and strategic insight.  She keeps our meetings focused, efficient...—and fun!


Nancy Levey

Secretary. Burton Drive.  Joined the Board in 2006. 

Nancy, a CPA, used her financial skills for many years as  our Treasurer. She transitioned to Secretary in 2012. She also serves on the Membership Drive team. She's been instrumental in the migration to our new software platform.


Angela Ofner

Treasurer.  Ascot Drive.  Joined the Board in 2014.

Angela was elected Treasurer in 2014. She's an ace bookeeper and was instrumental in the migration to our new software platform. She serves on our Membership Committee.


Directors at Large

 Elaine Geffen

Skyline Boulevard.  Joined the Board in 1995.

Elaine  wins the award for longest tenure on the Board. She leads the Beautification team, working as Team Elaine with past Board Member Elaine Hofmann. They work monthly at Marj Saunders Park (MSP) in partnership with Friends of Sausal Creek, the City of Oakland, our public schools, scouts and PPNA residents maintaining our Adopt a Spot, Adopt a Creek and Adopt a Drain. Elaine's goals for MSP are to create a more native and drought resistant landscape while maintaining a viable park infrastructure.  She also leads PPNA's Membership Committee.


Carl Holland

Castle Drive. Joined the Board in 2014. 

Carl has been a Piedmont Pines resident for over 27 years, enjoying our community's many offerings. He is a long term believer in strengthening community and looks forward to "finding opportunities to add vision, thought and hard work." In 2016, he was selected to become a member of the Alameda County Citizens Academy; previously known as the Leadership Academy.


Jean Hurricane

Girvin Drive.  Joined the Board in 2017. 

Jean is an attorney and long-time Piedmont Pines resident.  She focuses her efforts and expertise on crime prevention and emergency preparedness issues.  


Helen Nicholas

 Carisbrook Drive.  Elected to the Board in 2004. 

Helen  is  a Realtor with Alain Pinel, and has been active in city politics for decades. Her knowledge of ordinances that affect our residents has been invaluable in helping us develop effective strategies and partnerships with city officials.  As Nominations Chair, she is always on the lookout for new talent and energy for PPNA’s Board.


Diana Obrinsky

Ascot Dr.  Elected to the Board in 2017.

Diana joins PPNA's beautification team to help keep our open spaces pristeen. She is a recently retired physician.


Roberto Stinga

Castle Park Way. Elected to the Board in 2017

Semi retired entrepreneur, founder of three airlines, and global business developer, Roberto is now ready to turn his interests
and skills to local improvement strategies. Roberto focuses on crime prevention and is PPNA's liaison to Montclair Safety and Improvement Council (guardian of all things safety for our Police Beat 13Z).


Ron Wacker

Chelton Land.  Joined the Board in 2017. 

Ron is MON leader for lower Chelton, Bagshotte, Scarborough, Beaconsfield and Keswick. He will help PPNA stay on track with the undergrounding project, primarily focusing on Phase 2.  He's a consultant in the health industry.


Stan Weisner

Weybridge Court.  Joined the Board in 2009. 

Stan’s passion for family-friendly initiatives makes him a perfect fit for PPNA’s vision and goals.  He serves on PPNA's MON team, helping establish and maintain leadership in all 28 of our MONs, and to keep leaders informed and motivated.



Dick Spees

Emeritus. Joined the Board in 2004.

After retiring as our District 4 Councilmember in 2003, Dick joined PPNA’s Board and became its president in 2004. When he and Jean moved to Alameda in May 2010, he was elected Director Emeritus and now lends us his vast political savvy and experience as a consultant.

Executive Director

Robbie Neely

Mastlands Drive. Joined the Board in 1999.

Robbie resigned from the Board in 2010 to become the association’s first executive director.  She authors e-newsletters, responds to your e-mails, oversees our utility undergrounding project, produces the annual community meeting, serves on the MON team, and fills in wherever needed.



These are non-voting positions where residents have a particular passion, role and talent,  and are authorized to work on behalf of PPNA

Nicki Kaiser, Rick Sayre set PPNA up on Nextdoor and remain our primary leads.

Katie McLane is our liaison to Oakland Public Schools

Doug Mosher is our liaison to CORE and is on our emergency preparedness and MON support teams

Bob Meyers is our liaison to the City's zoning and planning departments