PPNA's Strategic Plan

In 2004, PPNA held a community forum to write our first-ever strategic plan in order to transform the association from a reactive to a highly effective, proactive organization. The Board of Directors has tweaked the plan a few times to reflect current issues and trends, but for the most part, the vision, strategies and plans created by forum participants have stood the test of time.

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Goals and Tasks


Maintain effective channels to keep residents informed and to learn about their issues and concerns

  • Website
  • Monthly e-newsletter and as-needed e-blasts
  • Annual community meeting and as-needed forums
  • Occasional mailers to reach those without email contact
  • Telephone blasts
  • Listserves, such as Nextdoor and group mail lists
  • E-surveys

Produce value for our members to sustain a strong and active association

Community Advocacy

Maintain strong relationships with public officials and staff at city, county, regional levels and keep them informed of issues and concerns within our neighborhood

Track issues raised by residents and facilitate resolution. Key areas of focus include crime prevention, parking and traffic hazards, zoning reviews and infrastructure issues

Strengthen the effectiveness of our advocacy by energizing community collaboration and participation

Inform residents of news, concerns and issues throughout the City that may impact them

Montclair Organized Neighborhoods (MONs)

Lead, encourage and support organizing 100% of Piedmont Pines neighborhoods in order to better respond to emergencies, protect against crime and boost community engagement.

Organize MONs (learn more here)

  • Recruit and support new neighborhood leaders
  • Maintain a MON map and an inventory  of their leaders
  • Encourage MONs to move up the ladder of skills and capabilities

Prepare for emergencies (learn more here)

  • Promote and support emergency preparedness training (CORE) and drills

Prevent crime (learn more here)

  • Encourage MONs to maintain effective and active listserves for reporting crimes and suspicious behavior
  • Motivate participation in National Night Out (August) to heighten awareness of crime prevention
  • Maintain liaisons with Montclair Safety and Improvement Council's Crime Prevention Team and Oakland Police Department to promote faster responses
  • Educate residents about the importance of filing crime reports for tracking/trending so OPD resources will be equitably allocated
  • Keep residents aware of channels available for crime tracking and statistics
  • Inform residents of crime trends and prevention techniques

Community Engagement

  • Conduct forums for neighborhood leaders to share tips and experiences in getting and keeping their neighbors engaged
  • Encourage participation in National Night Out

Utility Undergrounding

Coordinate with City and utilities to keep planning and construction on track.  Manage communication between residents, the City and the utilities.

Resolve roadblocks and respond to residents' concerns as they arise

Educate and engage the community within each phase



Preservation of Natural Resources

Support and promote efforts to  preserve the natural environment and reduce fuel loads


  • Promote work parties at Marj Saunders Park, Beaconsfield Canyon and Castle Canyon(see calendar)
  • Partner with organizations such as Hillside Gardeners, school groups, Friends of Sausal Creek, to help promote sustainable plants and drought tolerant gardens
  • Partner with Montclair Village Association to dress up the Mountain Boulevard gateway to Piedmont Pines

Wildfire Prevention and Vegetation Management

  • Reduce fuel load in PPNA's open spaces
  • Partner with Wildfire Prevention Assessment District to promote sound policies and encourage passage of assessment district ballot measure(s)
  • Promote year-round compliance with inspection standards
  • Promote pruning and removal of hazardous trees that could cause personal or property damage
  • Sponsor debris boxes on Earth Day and Creek to Bay Day for fuel reduction in open spaces and on private property
Community Partnerships

Collaborate on mutual interests with community partners such as schools, Wildfire Prevention Assessment District, Friends of Sausal Creek, Friends of Joaquin Miller Park,  East Bay Regional Park, nearby neighborhood associations, Montclair Safety and Improvement Council, Cub Scouts, Hillside Gardeners.

Support our public schools (learn more here)

  • Encourage residents to volunteer and participate in fundraisers
  • Communicate schools' needs for community support and publicize school activities
  • Promote sound traffic safety and traffic management strategies for school drop off and pick up