Our ultra local listserve



PPNA residents Nicki Kaiser and Rick Sayre spearheaded the effort to bring newer, better, more local communications technology to PPNA through an ultra-local listserve, Nextdoor. We have a site dedicated strictly to Piedmont Pines. Perhaps you're in a MON that already uses a Yahoo or Google group, or perhaps tin cans with a string. Nextdoor might better serve your needs.

The beauty of Nextdoor is you can tailor settings to receive only the kinds of postings you want. You might, for example:

  • Select PPNA news only, or widen your scope to other nearby neighborhoods
  • Chose only crime alerts and urgent alerts such as suspicous acivities, disasters, evacuations
  • Expand settings to include classifieds, free items, or recommendations (learning about good and bad service providers from neighbors is very useful)

Oakland Police Department's area team supporting Montclair joined Nextdoor to provide us with breaking police news and crime statistics relative to our neighborhood. 

You can get an app for your mobile device as well. 

Send email to info@piedmontpines.org for an invitation to join Nextdoor. Include your street address so we can confirm you are a Piedmont Pines resident.



Nextdoor Categories

Crime & Safety
Free items
Lost & Found