Are you ready for an emergency? 

PPNA is intent on building organized neighborhoods that are trained and equipped to respond effectively to emergencies.  

PPNA has worked with the City’s CORE (Citizens of Oakland Respond to Emergencies) program to bring its emergency training into locations convenient for our residents.  CORE involves three levels of training:


  • CORE I: —individual and family preparedness
  • CORE II—: neighborhood emergency response
  • CORE III: —hands-on training

For an updated schedule, or to register for CORE, go to their website, or (510) 238-6351 or e-mail CORE.

Watch our calendar for upcoming CORE, First Aid and CPR classes that we'll be scheduling close to home. We offered both CORE I and CORE II classes during the winter at Chabot. With 15 people from your own neighborhood, you can schedule a class in your own home for your neighbors.

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