2022 MON Idea Exchange

Tell us about your MON and your role

How many homes are in your MON?:
10 to 20
41 - 60
more than 80
What is your role with your MON?:
Block captain
Back-up captain
Roster keeper
Other (explain below)
Other role you play: :
What's the hardest part of keeping your MON engaged?:
What's the most rewarding part of keeping your MON engaged?:
How do you welcome new residents to your neighborhood. Check all that apply:
Personal visit to welcome and collect contact info
Flier/letter of introduction with neighborhood info
Other (explain below)
Other: describe.:
Were you able to keep your MON engaged during COVID? :
Yes (describe below)
Describe how you kept your MON engaged during COVID:
In more normal times, how often does your MON gather:
once a year
twice a year
three times a year
more than three times a year
once every couple of years
never, so far
What types of events has your MON held or participated in. Check all that apply:
Social gathering
Crime prevention training
Emergency preparedness training
Radio training or practice
Beautification or clean-up project
Collective effort to help a neighbor in need
Are you planning a neighborhood event for National Night Out on August 2?:
Thinking about it
Can you help PPNA motivate attendance at our first-ever family picnic on 8/27 at Lake Temescal?:
What role would you like to see PPNA play that would strengthen MONs?: