Established in 1941,
in continuous operation ever since

Piedmont Pines wins praise from civic leaders as being one of Oakland's most organized and productive voluntary neighborhood associations. 

When we speak, we're listened to.

Why?  Decision makers know our residents care and stay engaged. We pitch in on beautification projects, keep one another informed, protect against crime, gain emergency preparedness skills, and the list goes on.  And we vote.

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Our dues, which are completely voluntary, begin at only $35 for an entire calendar year. Visit the PPNA Projects  tab and check out our Strategic Plan to see all your
association does on behalf of YOU, to make our neighborhood special, inviting, welcoming and FABULOUS. We can only do it with your support. Our dues year begins January 1, and all memberships expire on December 31. Keep your dues current so you don't miss out on important information.

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2023 has been a busy year in the land of PPNA.

Are we worth your support? We sure think so.


January 2023:  Annual Town Hall Webinar. PPNA collected a raft of questions for our speakers, culled from our resident's inquiries, trends on Nextdoor and board members having their ears to the ground. 

  • Video  available now for your viewing pleasure.  Passcode: N7*=Exa+

  • Q & A  available now for your reading pleasure

  • Our panelists included Brandon Harami representing Mayor Sheng Thao;District 4 City Councilmember Ramachandran; Police Chief Darren Allison; Director of Public Works Harold Duffey; Director of Department of Transportation Fred Kelley; and several members of their staffs.

  • Key topics included housing and homelessness, crime, landslides and drainage issues, illegal dumping and preparing for emergencies

February 2023:  At long last, Phase 2 of our utility undergrounding project moved off dead-center into the operational phase. A PG&E  project manager was assigned to coordinate the utilities portion of the job; the design phase is now under way.

March 2023: Fire Safety Webinar to help our residents prepare for their annual fire inspections and know how to harden their properties against fire risks.

  • Presenters included Deputy Fire Chief Covington, Fire Marshall Bryant and Emergency Management Services manager Jessica Feil, Wlad Wlassowsky
  • Topics included protection of our high risk fire areas, utility undergrounding and preparing our homes and families for fire risks.
  • View the Fire Safety Video

  • Read the Forum Q&A and Chat Room, with links

July 2023: Public Safety Webinar--PPNA partnered with North Hills Community Association, this hybrid in-person/Zoom meeting featured Oakland District Attorney Pamela Price and Oakland Police Captain Burch.  Links:

August 2023:  Family Fun Picnic at Lake Temescal. With our business meetings now mostly virtual, we knew neighbors were hungry for in-person gatherings.  Here's a gallery of photos--note the age range!  Click on a photo to enlarge it, then use the arrows to scroll.

September 28, 2023Wildfire & Emergency Preparedness training at Joaquin Miller Community Center. Doug Mosher taught how to protect and prepare our homes, families and neighborhoods for an extreme emergency.  Click on the link below for an overview of what was covered.

October 30, 2023: Mayor's Forum with PPNA to answer questions on crime, housing, and more.