New Home Security Handbook: Downloadable

PPNA resident and Board Member Roberto Stinga recently a full suite of home security devices
at his home after extensive research. He shares what he learned in this handbook.
Click on the cover page here to read and download a copy. 

Crime Reporting

Protecting ourselves against crime is a high priority for all of us, and is one of the Association's highest priorities.

OPD assigns resources based on incidents, so it’s critical that all suspicious activity within Montclair gets reported so it becomes part of OPD's database. Here are guidelines for crime reporting:

Crime in progress -- emergency-only numbers

  • call 9-1-1
  • cell phone within Oakland, call 510-777-3211

Criminal or suspicious activity that is not life-threatening or is after the fact -- non-emergency number

  • call 510-777-3333
Crime in progress in an East Bay Regional Park:
  • call 510-881-1121 for emergencies
  • call 510-881-1833 for non-emergencies

Fill out an online Citizen Police Report for such non emergencies as

  • Lost Property
  • Vehicle Burglary
  • Theft
  • Vehicle Tampering
  • Vandalism

Helpful links

Crime mapping website. You can request crime data by proximity to an address

Neighborhood Watch. Arrange crime prevention training for your neighborhood

Personal Safety Plan.  Develop a plan for when you're home or out and about

Surveillance System Tool Kit. Review what factors to consider for your home security system

Montclair Neighborhood Council.  PPNA's sister association that takes the lead in Montclair on crime prevention

PPNA Initiatives

Here's an overview of initiatives undertaken to make our streets and homes as safe as possible.

  • We partner with Montclair Neighborhood Council, a "National Council for the Prevention of Crime" supported by OPD, on most matters related to crime. A PPNA board member sits on the council to serve as a liaison and bring wider attention to crime trends within PPNA boundaries.

  • Campaign launched in 2008 to organize all PPNA neighborhoods into sub-associations called MONs (Montclair Organized Neighborhoods). Check out our MON page to find which MON your home is in. Our MON structure supports the concept that neighbors who know one another are better able to protect against crime and get suspicious behavior alerts out quickly
  • Encourage residents to join Nextdoor, Piedmont Pines' private list serve, so they can keep one another alerted to criminal activity and suspicious behavior. Our OPD Area Commander posts weekly crime statistics for our police beat (13Z) on Nextdoor. To join this listserve, send us an email with your street address, and after we verify you're a Piedmont Pines resident, we'll send you an invitation to join
  • While OPD still struggles to come up to its ideal staffing levels, PPNA encourages neighborhoods to hire private patrols to augment police protection. Contact us for patrol companies working in Piedmont Pines.
  • Publicize Neighborhood Guard's efforts to get license plate-reading security cameras widely installed throughout Oakland. Take a look at Neighborhood Guard's website to see if this is an initiative your neighborhood might be interested in.
  • Ran year-long campaign in partnership with Montclair Neighborhood Council to reduce mail and identity theft through proliferation of locking mailboxes. 
  • Maintain close relationship with beat command staff; provide residents with crime alerts, tips, statistics and progress on crime initiatives.
  • Post on Nextdoor to alert neighbors of crimes or suspicious activity within Piedmont Pines.