Wildfire Smoke and Air Quality Resources

  • AirNow  This EPA site can tell you your local Air Quality Index (AQI). You can then consult the Air Quality Health Index for more information about health actions to take during wildfires.
  • Spare the Air – Five Day Forecast Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Forecasting site shows the five-day forecast and information about Air Quality Advisories in the Bay Area.
  • Respiratory Protection The most effective way to limit exposure is to reduce time outdoors.  If you need to spend time outdoors, you can read this fact sheet to find information about N95 mask and respirator use.
  • SmokeSense This app, developed by EPA, allows you to see fire location, monitoring location and predicted smoke behavior.  It also allows you to input your own observations about smoke and health. Look for the app in the GooglePlay Store or the App Store.
  • California Smoke Information (California Fires only) This is a blog where smoke information is posted.  You’ll see daily wildfire-related air quality forecasts there if they are being generated.  It’s a good resource to make sure you are aware of local conditions.
  • Air Cleaners and Air Filters in the Home Information about HVAC and HEPA Filters, including information about if your HVAC system is effective in reducing wildfire smoke:
  • Smoke Ready Toolbox EPA has developed this new repository of wildfire smoke materials and tools.  Of note:  There are new factsheets on smoke exposure topics that can easily be printed.
  • Wildfire Smoke: A Guide for Public Health Officials If you would like to read more in depth about wildfire smoke topics, this guide provides in-depth information.
  • Windy.com shows surface wind patterns and speeds in different areas. 

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