Meet our Board: Talented, spirited, smart



Stan Weisner
Weybridge Ct
Elected 2009

Stan’s passion for family-friendly initiatives makes him a perfect fit for PPNA’s vision and goals.  In 2019, he replaced Teresa Costantinidis as president.  Stan has worked on many of PPNA's strategic initiatives: organized neighborhoods, wildfire prevention, quality public education and much more.

Nancy Levey
Co-Secretary, Treasurer
Burton Dr
Elected 2006

Nancy, a CPA, has used her financial skills for many years as our Treasurer. And that's not all:  She serves as Secretary; leads our School Traffic Team, serves on the Membership Drive Committee and is active on PPNA's Litter Patrol. AND: she was elected to the board as our "poster mom" for our strategic plan goal of supporting public schools. She had one son each at Joaquin Miller, Montera and Skyline, and was SUPER active at all three.

Robbie Neely   
Executive Director
Mastlands Dr
Elected 1999 


Robbie joined the board to write newsletters, then became secretary. She became the association’s first Executive Director in 2010.  She advocates with civic authorities on behalf of the association, co-chairs our utility undergrounding team, produces the annual community meeting, leads the MON team, and fills in wherever needed.

Elaine Geffen    
Skyline Blvd
Elected 1995

Elaine  wins the award for longest tenure on the Board. She leads the Open Spaces Team, which works monthly at Marjorie Saunders Park (MSP) in partnership with Friends of Sausal Creek, the City of Oakland, our public schools, Cub Scouts and PPNA residents maintaining our Adopt a Spot, Adopt a Creek and Adopt a Drain. Elaine's goals for MSP are to create a more native and drought resistant landscape while maintaining a viable park infrastructure.  She also leads PPNA's Membership Committee, serves on our Fire Safety team and is our own welcome wagoneer for newcomers.

Mary Henderson
Camino Lenada
Elected 2021


Mary is retired from a 26-year career at Kaiser Permanente where, as a vice president, she managed large-scale national projects. She is a parent to three sons, two with special needs. She has a long record of community service and brings to PPNA a strong interest in preserving our natural environment, recycling, gardening and traffic safety.

Helen Nicholas
Carisbrook Dr
Elected  2004

Helen  is  a Realtor with Compass, and has been active in city politics for decades. Her knowledge of ordinances that affect our residents has been invaluable in helping us develop effective strategies and partnerships with city officials.  As Nominations Chair, she is always on the lookout for new talent and energy for PPNA’s Board. (Email her if you're interested!)

Peter Seidl
Shirley Dr
Elected  2021

Peter, an Oakland denizen since '92, was a physicist at Berkeley Lab until recently retiring. Now he spends somewhat less time in the lab, and more time outdoors and with family and friends.  He is active in the Redwood Ridge Neighborhood Association encompassing Shirley, Wilton and Burton Drives.  

John Spees    
Girvin Dr

Elected 2022


John is a co-founder and managing member of Granite Capital Management, an Oakland based Registered Investment Advisor.  He is active in local politics and serves on the Board at Chabot Space and Science Center.  He is particularly interested in fire mitigation, quality education, and good local governance. He grew up in Montclair and moved back to Girvin Dr. in 1992.  John and his wife, an OUSD elementary school teacher, enjoy running and hiking throughout Joaquin Miller and Redwood Regional Parks.


Diana Obrinsky
Director, Co-Secretary
Ascot Dr

Elected 2017


Diana records our Board minutes and serves on our Annual Family Picnic committee.  She is a semi-retired doctor.

Natasha Raja    
Castle Dr

Elected 2023

Natasha is a savvy marketing veteran, who has advised and led marketing for both Fortune 500 companies and startups. She cares deeply about community, public safety and in giving back. Natasha has been in the Bay Area for two decades and loves hiking, traveling, and exploring new places and cultures with her husband and two young kids. She is excited to be part of our board to help connect, foster and expand our Piedmont Pines community. 


Dick Spees      
Emeritus, Political Consultant
Elected 2004; Emeritus 2010

After retiring as our District 4 Councilmember in 2003, Dick joined PPNA’s Board and became its president in 2004. When he and Jean moved to Alameda in May 2010, he was elected Director Emeritus and now generously and brilliantly lends us his vast political savvy and experience. His skills and institutional knowledge on our undergrounding project continue to be invaluable.  On August 29, 2021, PPNA won City approval to rename Castle Canyon Park to Dick Spees Canyon.


Board Liaisons

These are non-voting positions where residents have a particular passion, role and talent. They are authorized to work on behalf of PPNA, but must coordinate any "official PPNA response" with a Board member.

  • Bob Meyers is our liaison to the City's zoning and planning departments and represents PPNA on the Oakland Firesafe Council
  • Doug Mosher guides us, and Oakland Firesafe Council, on emergency preparedness
  • Ron Wacker consults us on utility undergrounding matters