Piedmont Pines Boundaries

In 2004, we reincorporated from Piedmont Pines Club, Inc. to Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association and became a 501-c(4) organization. We used that opportunity to update our bylaws and expand our boundaries to include neighbors who were not part of an active association and shared a community of interest with Piedmont Pines.  This increased the number of our properties from 1087 to ~1400, and included:

  • Part of Westover Drive
  • Parts of Chelton Dr, Girven Dr, Exeter  Dr and Skyline Blvd north of Carisbrook Dr
  • South side of Mountaingate Way, Las Aromoas Dr, La Cuesta Av, El Caminito, Joaquin Miller Ct, El Patio,  lower Ascot Dr.and a small stretch of Mountain Blvd near Ascot.

Later that year, we launched a very aggressive campaign to divide the association into organized neighborhoods to serve the ultra local needs of their distinct areas. These 27 Piedmont Pines sub-neighborhoods, called MONs (Montclair Organized Neighborhoods), are working on local crime prevention, emergency preparedness, beautification, parking hazards and a host of other issues.  Learn more about our MONs and see what MON you're in.