Staying in touch


Member Center


To access important information about your PPNA account: On the home page, log in with your user name and password. By default, your user name is your email address and your password is an unmemorable string assigned by the system. To reset either or both, click on Sign in from the home page and then click Reset... and the system will send you a link.  Email us if you have any trouble.

Once you're signed in,  "Member Center" will appear in the green navigation bar. Click on that and you'll find a central hub where you can update personal information, and check the status of your dues.



Send an email to our general mailbox--we'll get it to the right person or answer you directly, usually within 24 hours

Send an email to a specific member of our board. Find names and email links.


Call Robbie Neely at 510 530-4286. She'll get you to the right person if she can't help you directly.

U.S. Mail 

Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association
PO Box 13292
Oakland, CA 94661-3292 (yes, 94661 is correct)


NextdoorPiedmontPinesis our ultra-local listserve.  Get more information here.  To join Nextdoor, send us an email and we'll send you an invitation to join after confirming you reside in our boundaries.  Include name(s) of adults and email addresses for each, and your street address and the year you moved to this address.  We use Nextdoor to post critical, time sensitive news that can't wait for our other channels' timing.


We e-mail a newsletter with information uniquely tailored to our neighborhood about once a month to residents who have given us an e-mail address.  If you haven’t received an e-newsletter in the last few months, we likely don’t have a current email address for you.  You can add it in the Member Center under My Account. We often use Nextdoor for breaking news, but include articles with more depth and context in our e-newsletter.

Annual Meeting

On the last Monday each January, we hold our Annual Community Meeting. We pack the agenda full of city leaders and thought provokers. Watch our calendar for details.

Annual Mailer

January is the only time of the year we schedule a physical mailing to reach those without e-mail addresses.  This mailing includes a newsletter including the Annual Meeting agenda and details, annual dues invoice and return envelope, a wrap up of the previous year's news and a sneak peek at the coming year's initiatives

Emergency Call Service

You might think of this as PPNA's version of a VERY carefully used robo-call system. We only use it for important news and announcements, about twice a year on average. Be sure we have at least one phone number in our roster for your household.