Are you parking safely for yourself, neighbors and firsts responders?

Quiz:  What road width does a fire truck need to assure access in an emergency?

Answer:  20 feet*. Many streets in PPNA aren't 20 feet wide, so beware when parking to be sure you leave room for emergency vehicles.  It could be YOUR life at stake. 

* From CA Fire Code 503.2.1:
Fire apparatus access roads shall have an unobstructed width of not less than 20 feet (6096 mm), exclusive of shoulders, except for approved security gates in accordance with Section 503.6, and an unobstructed vertical clearance of not less than 13 feet 6 inches."

Take a look at this video by Janice Gatlin, and imagine YOUR family is waiting while the trucks thread the needle through parked cars. 

Here's a  notice you can leave on the windshield of an offending, dangerously parked car.  Click here to download a 4-up copy of this that you can print and distribute within PPNA.



MANY Piedmont Pines residents have expressed concern about cars dangerously parked on our narrow, twisting streets that:

  • impede access by emergency vehicles (20-foot minimum clearance required by the City Fire Code) and
  • create dangers for drivers approaching blind curves


This vehicle is parked in a way that increases the dangers.  On behalf of your neighbors, we ask that you either park in your driveway or find a safer place to park. Lives depend on it.


Thank you!

Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association Board