PPNA gets major attention in City's 5-year paving plan

PPNA residents answered our survey about streets in our boundaries in the worst shape. Those results helped inform development of the City's 2022 5-year plan. We SCORED!  Streets we rated as horrible were all included in the new plan! The City tripled investment from the last 3-year plan, so the picture for us is much rosier.  Here's a quick snapshot of our streets and the scheduled paving: 23 streets in the 2022 5-year plan plus 6 streets that were done in the 3-year plan that preceded the new plan.  From the City's paving webpage:

The City of Oakland's 2022 5-Year Paving Plan began on July 1, 2022. Further information about the plan can be viewed here: https://www.oaklandca.gov/projects/20225yp

In the new 5-Year Paving Plan, the City of Oakland will aim to group streets together geographically in order to repair streets in the same area at once. The paving schedule will aim to balance local streets construction across every planning area while increasing efficiency and saving costs by reducing the need to move equipment across the city for the same project. 

Please report potholes and street deterioration to Oak311: https://www.oaklandca.gov/services/oak311. This is our one-stop shop for requests, and it's the best way we have for logging, tracking, and prioritizing maintenance requests.

If you have further questions, please review our Paving FAQs here: https://www.oaklandca.gov/resources/paving-faq 

This data is mostly arranged by when the project is scheduled.  

Street- 3yr plan+ Range Plan yr Done Sched Miles PCI (0 = worst Street type * Notes
Bagshotte Westover to Chelton 3-yr + 5Y   2023 0.22 97 CO Undergrounding coordination
Chelton Dr Haverhill to Chelsea 3-yr + 5Y   2023 0.13 97 CO Undergrounding coordination
Chatsworth Ct All 5-yr   2024 0.09 4 LS  
Chelsea Ct All 5-yr   2024 0.03 5 LS  
Rydal Ct All 5-yr   2024 0.06 5 LS  
Pelham Pl Thackeray to end 5-yr   2024 0.2 8 LS  
Holyrood Mnr All 5-yr   2024 0.05 10 LS  
Mall Ct All 5-yr   2024 0.04 11 LS  
Mountain Blvd Ascot to Kearney 5-yr   2024 0.56 13 LS Kearney to JM Rd done in 3y Plan
Waldeck Ct All 5-yr   2024 0.06 13 LS  
Melville Ln All 5-yr   2024 0.08 14 LS  
Camelford Ct All 5-yr   2024 0.06 15 LS  
Chelsea Dr Chelton to Girvin 5-yr   2024 0.24 19 CO Slide repair must precede paving
Westover Dr Doran to Shelterwod 5-yr   2024 0.31 19 LS  
Westover Dr Shelterwood to Thackeray 5-yr   2024 0.24 19 LS  
Weybridge Ct All 5-yr   2024 0.09 21 LS  
Evergreen Skyline to Moore Dr 5-yr   2024 0.25 23 LS  
Totterdell St All 5-yr   2024 0.08 30 LS  
Skyline Blvd   5-yr   2025 1.94 48 MS  
Darnby Dr Chelton to Carisbrook 5-yr   2026 0.2 76 PM  
Mastlands Dr All 5-yr   2026 0.48 79 PM  
Chelton Elderberry to Exeter 5-yr   2026 0.15 82 PM  
Ascot Ln All 5-yr   2026 0.05 85 PM  
El Caminito All 5-yr   2026 0.13 94 PM  
Castle Park Way All 3-y 3/1/22 2026 0.16 97 PM  
Joaquin Miller Ct All 3-y 5/1/22 2026 0.05 97 PM  
Ascot Mountain to Chelton 3-y 7/1/21 2026 0.41 95 PM  
Camino Lenada All 3-y 7/1/21 2026 0.22 96 PM  
La Cuesta All 3-y 7/1/21    
Thackeray All 3-y 5/1/22          
El Patio All Added 5/1/22   .06      
Ascot Place All Added 5/1/22   .03      


*Street type:  MS=Major Street     LS=Kocal Street      PM=Preventative Mtce     CO=3y carry over)


Outside our boundaries, but streets of vital interest to us:  

  • Park Blvd will be paved in 2026 from El Centro (above Glenview village) to Hwy 13, with pothole work in the meantime
  • Thornhill Dr continues under construction and is a partnership between the City and other agencies.