Fire Safety, Prevention and Preparedness

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Fire safety is a very high priority for PPNA.  Here's a sampler of our current initiatives:

What the City is doing to elevate the priority of fire safety

Our partner, Oakland Firesafe Council, has worked hard inside City Hall to elevate wildfire prevention to a top City priority. There has been solid forward movement.  Until the launch of the Wildfire Prevention Working Group in 2020, City departments were not coordinated on the topic of wildfire prevention or large-scale emergency preparedness.

  • On 11/19/2019, the Council passed a resolution declaring this priority and establishing a multi-disciplinary approach to designing and funding initiatives.  
  • On 9/15/2020, the City Administrator's office submitted a report to the Mayor and Council that addresses the history of efforts, dysfunctions and priorities for moving ahead. This report gives great background and demonstrates how critical it is to approach wildfire prevention across city departments and a variety of agencies. Download a copy of the report here. It's thorough, well-written and bodes hope for integrated planning and implementation.

Resources to stay up to date on current fire status 

Resources to get--and stay--prepared

Air Quality Resources 

Public Safety Power Shutoff Info 

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